Yes, You can over exercise. Exercise can actually become an addiction, especially when we don’t listen to our bodies telling us it’s just too much. What’s strange is once exercise is in your blood, in your regular routine, you simply feel ‘off’ when you skip it. I know how moody and irritable I become when I don’t get my daily sweat session, and that’s a good thing if it gives you motivation to keep up with a consistent and balanced routine. The problem occurs when you lose the ‘balance’ part of the equation and your workouts start consuming too much of your time, interfering with your daily life, and/or your body is not adequately recovering, and you simply don’t know how to take a break.

Here are signs you maybe over-extending your self when exercising.

Your Workout Leaves you Exhausted vs. Energized
If you finish your workout feeling like you need a nap, rather than revitalized and ready to conquer the next thing, you are likely pushing it too hard and need to assess and scale back those workouts.

You Are Irritable and Moody
If little things are setting you off, and you can’t figure out why your fuse is short or your moods are so funky, this could be a sign that your body is worn down and fatigued bodies/minds have trouble getting through even the smaller things.

You’re Sleeping Too Much or Can’t Sleep!
Are you restless and unable to sleep through the night no matter how tired you feel? Or, does it not matter how much sleep you get — you still feel tired? Both of these can be caused by over-training. When you exercise too much, your body can interpret it as a stressor, sending out stress hormones like cortisol that makes sleeping difficult.

You Get Sick Frequently or Can’t Seem To Recover
When you over-exercise you break your body and immune system down, so you are more susceptible to getting sick, or it takes you longer to recover.

Sore for Days at a Time
Rather than bouncing back from a tough workout, your body is constantly aching or sore — warning, you need to step back and allow it to repair itself.

You Feel Unmotivated and/or ‘Blue’
Workouts now seem like an obstacle you ‘have to do’ — you are unmotivated, unexcited and it’s starting to affect other areas of your life.

Sometimes you just need to cut back on days or time that you workout.

Choose to Be Fit

Each day I wake up I have to choose to exercise. Of course most days I don’t feel like getting up early in the morning and exercising, but for my health, I do it anyway. I get up early to exercise, just in case my day goes left and I can’t workout later. Most of the time I am able to get 2 workout sessions in (one in the morning and one in the evening). As a parent, I am trying to incorporate exercise routines with my child as well. As a young child, exercising on a daily basis was not emphasized. I believed we played outside enough and also had physical education at school, therefore we never really had to worry about getting in the proper amount of exercise. Fitness and nutrition has been proven to relieve a lot of ailments and disease. Although we are not immune from getting sick, when you are eating and exercising properly, your body will be able to combat most of it. You at least give your body a fighting chance to get well. I challenge you today to move your body more often. I can almost guarantee you will feel better.