Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You?

Many business owners are being run by their business without knowing it.

I know when my business is running me (or it doesn’t feel quite right) because it feels unorganized and I feel stressed!

So when you see the signs, consider getting professional help in areas where you can identify these failings. But identifying the signs is the first step in accepting that your business isn’t going the way you want. Here are some common signs that you are losing grip on your business:

Constant state of being overwhelmed

When you are simply going through the motions with your business activities without actually getting work done, then there is a strong chance that you are losing grip of your business. This includes doing too much without any real results.

Failing systems and processes

This is where we are working at the moment – lots of work around systems and processes. Are your team and customers complaining about your business being unorganized? Are you feeling it? Are you running behind schedule all the time? Are you working until midnight and on weekends? At this time “YES” your system/processes are failing.

More expenses than revenue

The purpose of running a business or working is to make money and be productive. If you are doing everything and your accounts are in red, it means you are not managing your finances properly or under-utilizing your revenue streams.

Team cannot function without you

You are either micromanaging people too much or not giving your team good or enough direction. It’s a fine line, but as a business owner, we need to be awesome at this – and sometimes you have to learn how to be a better leader and manager.

Get a grip of your business and put the proper steps in place to make sure that you are being productive without being too busy. Also build your team’s capacity to function in your absence so that your business can run itself.

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