How Do You Know if You Were Meant to be an Entrepreneur?

Many people want to make money and be successful, but being an entrepreneur is not the right fit for everyone. Here is how you know it’s right for You.

1. You want a calling–not just a career.

Anyone can build a career; all you need to do is a land a job to find your life’s work. Very few can build a business from nothing–and make it their life’s mission.

2. You embrace your own definition of success.

Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s status. Maybe it’s power.

Or, more likely, it’s living life the way you want to live–and in the way that makes you as happy and fulfilled as possible.

3. You’re not afraid to dream.

And you’re not afraid to fail.

And you’re not afraid to succeed.

4. You were once told you weren’t good enough.

So you decided to prove those people wrong. But along the way your motivation shifted. Now you don’t care what other people think.

Now you’re not trying to prove other people wrong.

5. You don’t care about choosing from the best available option.

Instead, you want to decide what is the best possible option, and then go and make that happen.

6. You want a better life for your children.

And you feel the best way to do that is to set an example by believing in yourself.

7. You want your earnings capped only by your talent.

Work for others and they decide what you can make.

Work for yourself and you decide, through your effort and perseverance and ingenuity, what you can make.

8. You want to look back on a life well lived, instead of at a retirement watch.

A life well lived means you served others and, by so doing, also served yourself.

9. You want to be remembered.

But not just for what you did; more important, you want to be remembered for the kind of person you were–and the way you made other people feel.

10. You believe effort should always beat politics.

And the only way to ensure politics doesn’t play a part is to run your own business–and build a company with a culture you and your employees love.