Raw Vegan Vs. Vegan

People who follow a vegan diet eat only plant foods. All meats and other animal products, including milk and eggs, are off-limits. People choose a vegan diet for health, ethical reasons or religious beliefs. Some vegans restrict their diets even further by choosing to eat only raw foods.

Pros of Raw Food

  • Focuses on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Promotes weight loss and detoxification (low in calories, fat, and sodium)
  • High in fiber

Cons of Raw Food

  • Tends to be less savory (doesn’t taste as good as cooked food options)
  • Virtually impossible to eat out, so it requires continuous meal preparation
  • Risk of contamination from uncooked food.

Pros of Cooked Food

  • Greater nutrient diversity
  • More antioxidants, cartenoids, and ferulic acid from vegetables
  • More satisfying taste and sense of fullness

Cons of Cooked Food

  • Loss of some nutrients from high-heating temperatures
  • Loss of anti-cancer compounds and enzymes from heat
  • Time-consuming

Whether you choose to eat your fruits and vegetables raw or cooked, the important thing is that you’re eating them every day. Many people find cooked foods taste better, so they are more inclined to eat them after a little preparation.


Source: https://www.vegetarianbodybuilding.com/raw-food-vs-cooked/

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