Not only is owning your own business increasing in popularity, but kids having their own business is also on the rise.  Teaching entrepreneurship to young kids is important. There’s a lot of opportunity for young people in the business world right now! We hear of teens and twenty-somethings all the time who started their first business in their teens – or even pre-teens – and are now very successful business owners. A lot of people say, “It’s never too late to follow your dreams,”   but now we can say, “It’s never too early!” How can we guide our children at a young age to become a successful entrepreneur?

1. Kids should be  taught about money management at an early age, they are much better equipped to take on the challenges of budgeting and finance as an adult. Educate your children about saving and investing and show them how money can be used to make more money.

2. To be successful as an entrepreneur, kids need to learn critical thinking skills. They need to learn how to think and turn their ideas into reality.

3. Kids should learn to take responsibility for their decisions and actions; whether wrong or right.  As the business progresses, they need to be able to communicate well and get along with people of whom they will have to work and interact with on a daily basis.

4. Goal setting and planning are an integral part to entrepreneurial success. These are positive habits that will come in handy when ingrained in your child’s psychic. The sooner your child learns how to plan, set realistic goals and follow laid down procedures to completion, the better.

5. The other skill – or quality – that all successful entrepreneurs have is perseverance. Entrepreneurship is often loaded with challenges, and if a business owner hopes to do well, he or she has to have a strong will and be able to keep on going, even when they don’t feel like it.

6. Insist that your child never gives up, but to always find a lesson in every adverse situation. This way they will not dread failure or wallowing in self-pity and defeat when things don’t work out. People who have achieved have also failed at something. Patience and persistence is key for success.

7. The most successful and happy people on earth give back to society. Why start a business if it doesn’t support a greater cause? Teach your kids the value of helping others. Life is not always about you, your needs and your comfort. Life is also about leaving the world a better place than you found it.


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