Family Fitness

Getting fit as a family does not have to be very time-consuming or complex; it can be fun and creative. Here are seven simple suggestions to help your family get fit together.

  1. Commercial-cize. Many children (as well as their parents) watch a few hours of television each night. It is important for families to reduce sedentary time. Whenever a commercial break comes on the TV, exercise as a family. Try running in place, push-ups, or jumping jacks during each commercial to keep everyone up and moving.
  2. Make an Exercise Video. Most portable cameras now have a video function. Have your family create their own exercise video where your kids are the stars. Everyone will get fitter creating the videos, and at a future time, have fun exercising along with the video over and over again.
  3. Dancing Can Be Fun. Turn on the radio or pump up some fun songs on your mp3 player to rock out together as a family. With minimal effort, you can burn some calories and have a super-fun, spirit-lifting family time.”
  4. Going the Extra Step. Parking farther away when running errands with the kids, encouraging them to take the stairs with you when shopping, and having them walk along the cart can increase their activity.
  5. Allocate Time for Family Exercise Every Day. Take a family walk after dinner and use that time to talk about your days. Invite your kids to join you during your cross-training or yoga DVD. They will not be able to do all the exercises, but they will be moving and trying! Teach them that exercise and sweat are really important, and that it can be fun!”
  6. Blend Technology With Play. Many games offer the chance to move with a partner and be scored according to your accuracy, be it dancing, boxing, bowling, I recommend checking out some of the electronic fitness programs or other technologies out there to see how you can cross generation gaps and meet somewhere in the active middle.



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