Homeschool Days

As a homeschool mom, some days are easier than others. I choose to homeschool her for several reasons.

  1.  As a parent I can not only control what she learns. I wanted to incorporate Christianity in her learning. I am able to do so as a home school mom.
  2.  I am also able to assist her one-one with learning. We can go on random field trips and try experiments at home.
  3. I am able to teach her about her fitness and nutrition.   I want her to know how important it is to put the right things in her body and to start now while she is young.

Guiding her through every aspect of her life is my job as a parent. I feel like I can best do that from the comfort of our home. Yes, we do go out and socialize. She is in several activities at church and at the YMCA. We are blessed to be able to home school our daughter.

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