I have been a Vegan now for about 5 months. It was not easy at first, giving up dairy, meat and my hardest was eggs. I love eggs, but everything you love is not always good for you. My eating habits were not too bad. I like to eat sweets and eggs. I did eat plenty of vegetables and proteins. As I was getting older, I realized I had to eat better. I have already put my body through enough, with pizza, hamburgers, barbecue and plenty of eggs and cheese. Our bodies were not designed to put junk in it on a constant basis. God designed us the way he wanted and we are to take care of his creation (us). Taking care of yourself includes placing the right food in your body, exercising and daily prayer (which we all need). We spend more money on the appearance of our outside body than we do on what we put inside of our body. Which is more important? Which will lead you to a healthier and happier life? It’s definitely not the outer shell. If we spent more time putting good stuff inside of us, it will most definitely take care of our outside anyway. Let’s start one day at a time and work on us (inside first and then outside).

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