My Quest for Peace and Joy

I am currently on my second day of blogging. I am still updating and tweaking the site. I hope when I am done you will find it very informative. As I try to find the words to type today, I am slightly disturbed by some issues in my life. I am on a quest to find my inner peace and joy. I know from going to church, it can only be found in God. Therefore, I pray daily for peace and joy. I know from experience it is not found in people. As I have grown to learn, people will always let you down, whether it is intentional or not. I am currently reading Joyce Meyers new book “Unshakeable Trust”, she mentions how she has decided to trust with her eyes wide open and not expect anyone to not ever disappoint her, except God. And even when he does disappoint us, it’s for our own good. We can’t expect from people what they don’t have (that’s from me:) If people are not happy and at peace, how can they give that to you.  As God’s child you have the option to decide to be happy. Each day of your life, your are in control of how you will spend it. I know some days don’t go as planned, but it is up to you to make the best or let it take the best of you. Today I could have been sour and ate up everything in the kitchen, skipped my exercise, and just be mean to everyone around me, because things didn’t go my way. I chose, through a lot of prayer, to not let my  current circumstance dictate how my day is going to be spent. I personally call it being disciplined, which I learned through biblical teaching and going to school. You can’t let anything stop you from doing what you are called to do and accomplish.

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