Today I was privileged enough to be able to teach a Bible Study. This was not my first time, but my first with people I don’t know very well. I have taught before family and friends. It was quite an experience to teach in front of people you do know as much.  I had an enlightening encounter. I was very nervous of course, but as Joyce Meyer would say, ‘Do it Afraid’ and I did. I prayed the previous day that God would allow me to get out everything that needs to be said. I feel like I did just that. I had a few more things I wanted to mention, but because of nerves, I stopped. I felt as if God had allowed me to get out what was necessary. My small group were very supportive and enjoyed my teaching. I feel so blessed and so happy to have been able to touch someone with the word of God. I had not had that feeling before, but God has blessed us with so much, we should share and give people hope. If he can do it for us, he can do it for them as well. I now look forward to teaching, which I will be doing in my own home with my husband starting next month. I pray that we touch everyone that comes through our door and God blesses them in abundance.

Be the Best You that You Can Be

As a Christian woman, I pray daily to be the best that God wants me to be. I want to be all that I was created to be. I believe God made us all for a purpose and it is up to us to follow his plan and not ours. He knows what we are capable of and it is far more than we could ever imagine. I know that as a human we have plenty of shortcomings. I also know that God will be there to guide us through them all. We just have to ask. I will continue to pray and listen to what God is guiding me to do. I suggest that we all follow him.

*Not my will but thy will be done (Luke 22:42)

Making the Best with What You Have

Some may see a bag of snow when you look at this picture, but my daughter sees it as something wonderful, since we do not get snow where we live. I knew as an adult it will just melt into water and eventually be thrown away. But in a child’s eyes it is more than just water. She viewed it as a once in a lifetime dream she once had. The dream to see snow one day. When it did eventually melt, she did not get upset, but instead she dwelled on the fact that she finally saw snow.

We all have times when things do not go as planned. How you handle it is what really counts. Do we just remain upset and let it take over our day or week, or do we make lemonade from the lemons. It is our responsibility to make the best out of any situation. In Philippians 4:7, Paul said he learned how to be content in every situation. He found joy and peace in the midst of a storm. His happiness did not rely on his circumstances, but it came from God.

How our life is spent is up to us. We can waste it with constant worrying and strife or we can find the silver lining in every situation.  Who we are and how we live our life is in the palm of our hand. God did not promise us that we will not have troubles, but he said he already overcame it for us. Whatever is ailing you is already done. You just have to believe that it is. When walk in faith, joy will be there through every situation.

New Attitude

I have a new attitude today. I want to start living a life that is pleasing to me, God, and my family. I know that means taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I will start with one at a time of course. I already do a daily work for my physical well-being, by putting the right products inside my body. I also engage in cardiovascular and weight-lifting exercise. I try to put in 6 days a week for working-out and one day of rest. We need one day to rest our mind and body of course. I have to be right for myself and everyone around me:)

Should You Become an Entrepreneur


Becoming your own boss is a goal for many people, but some people are better suited to this lifestyle than others. Knowing how you are likely to react to events will help you achieve your goals.

  • Are you comfortable with a lot of responsibility? Entrepreneurs often have no backup and are responsible for the success or failure of their business.
  • Do you enjoy interacting with people? Almost all entrepreneurs have to do a lot of customer service, particularly at first. If you aren’t good with people, you may have difficulty getting your business off the ground.
  • Are you able to accept uncertainty and even failure? Even the most successful entrepreneurs — for example, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson — have had businesses fail on them, often several times, before they found a formula that worked.[3]
  • Do you thrive on problem-solving and creative solutions? Entrepreneurs at all levels face many problems that they need to find creative solutions for. A high tolerance for frustration and the ability to think through problems will serve you well as an entrepreneur.

source: https://www.wikihow.com/Become-an-Entrepreneur

Homeschool Days

As a homeschool mom, some days are easier than others. I choose to homeschool her for several reasons.

  1.  As a parent I can not only control what she learns. I wanted to incorporate Christianity in her learning. I am able to do so as a home school mom.
  2.  I am also able to assist her one-one with learning. We can go on random field trips and try experiments at home.
  3. I am able to teach her about her fitness and nutrition.   I want her to know how important it is to put the right things in her body and to start now while she is young.

Guiding her through every aspect of her life is my job as a parent. I feel like I can best do that from the comfort of our home. Yes, we do go out and socialize. She is in several activities at church and at the YMCA. We are blessed to be able to home school our daughter.

Choose to Be Fit

Each day I wake up I have to choose to exercise. Of course most days I don’t feel like getting up early in the morning and exercising, but for my health, I do it anyway. I get up early to exercise, just in case my day goes left and I can’t workout later. Most of the time I am able to get 2 workout sessions in (one in the morning and one in the evening). As a parent, I am trying to incorporate exercise routines with my child as well. As a young child, exercising on a daily basis was not emphasized. I believed we played outside enough and also had physical education at school, therefore we never really had to worry about getting in the proper amount of exercise. Fitness and nutrition has been proven to relieve a lot of ailments and disease. Although we are not immune from getting sick, when you are eating and exercising properly, your body will be able to combat most of it. You at least give your body a fighting chance to get well. I challenge you today to move your body more often. I can almost guarantee you will feel better.

Cleaning House

As my family and I cleaned house today, it had me thinking. In order to bring in the new, you have to clean out the old. I apply that to every aspect of my life. God wants to bless us with new things, but how can he if we are full of clutter. My motto while I clean the house, is if I haven’t used it in a year, I probably won’t use it at all. How many items do we hang onto for years without ever using it. We just don’t want to throw it away. I think it’s there just in case we need it. If you have not needed it all of this time, you probably won’t. Our bodies work the same way. We place food in your body, it uses the needed nutrients and then you eliminate the waste. There are times we may have to do that with our relationships with people as well. If we are not producing positivity within our relationships with people, we may have to clean house and find new ones.


I have been a Vegan now for about 5 months. It was not easy at first, giving up dairy, meat and my hardest was eggs. I love eggs, but everything you love is not always good for you. My eating habits were not too bad. I like to eat sweets and eggs. I did eat plenty of vegetables and proteins. As I was getting older, I realized I had to eat better. I have already put my body through enough, with pizza, hamburgers, barbecue and plenty of eggs and cheese. Our bodies were not designed to put junk in it on a constant basis. God designed us the way he wanted and we are to take care of his creation (us). Taking care of yourself includes placing the right food in your body, exercising and daily prayer (which we all need). We spend more money on the appearance of our outside body than we do on what we put inside of our body. Which is more important? Which will lead you to a healthier and happier life? It’s definitely not the outer shell. If we spent more time putting good stuff inside of us, it will most definitely take care of our outside anyway. Let’s start one day at a time and work on us (inside first and then outside).

My Quest for Peace and Joy

I am currently on my second day of blogging. I am still updating and tweaking the site. I hope when I am done you will find it very informative. As I try to find the words to type today, I am slightly disturbed by some issues in my life. I am on a quest to find my inner peace and joy. I know from going to church, it can only be found in God. Therefore, I pray daily for peace and joy. I know from experience it is not found in people. As I have grown to learn, people will always let you down, whether it is intentional or not. I am currently reading Joyce Meyers new book “Unshakeable Trust”, she mentions how she has decided to trust with her eyes wide open and not expect anyone to not ever disappoint her, except God. And even when he does disappoint us, it’s for our own good. We can’t expect from people what they don’t have (that’s from me:) If people are not happy and at peace, how can they give that to you.  As God’s child you have the option to decide to be happy. Each day of your life, your are in control of how you will spend it. I know some days don’t go as planned, but it is up to you to make the best or let it take the best of you. Today I could have been sour and ate up everything in the kitchen, skipped my exercise, and just be mean to everyone around me, because things didn’t go my way. I chose, through a lot of prayer, to not let my  current circumstance dictate how my day is going to be spent. I personally call it being disciplined, which I learned through biblical teaching and going to school. You can’t let anything stop you from doing what you are called to do and accomplish.